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Bliss and Erie used stamping presses for salespacer.gif (43 bytes) We specialize in sales of used hydraulic stamping presses
Used stamping presses to 4000 ton capacity

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Newest used Eaton-Leonard Tube Bender CNC controlled systems we have for sale at liquidation prices...

1 USED -VB150 Eaton-Leonard CNC 1.5" Capacity Tube Bender for sale at liquidatiuon pricing.

Eaton Leonard's VB150 combines the latest technology and features for maximum productivity, part quality, reliability and fast set-up for tube bending up to 1.5" diameters. Typical applications include automotive exhaust tubes, structural components and high strength aircraft tubing.

The VB-150 HP uses a heavy-duty, high torque servomotor to power its high-capacity bend arm. The entire bend arm and head assembly incorporates high load-carrying components engineered for superior reliability. Key standard features are incorporated on this used VB-150. Linear roller bearings with automatic lubrication are used on the pressure die, follower slide and centerline radius adjustment. A high-performance rack and pinion servomotor-driven carriage offers exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Quick-change single-piece collets provide fast tooling changeovers. Call for liquidation pricing.

VB 150 Eaton Leonard tube bender CNC system for sale by Tech Machinery btn_zoom.gif (1330 bytes) VB150 Eaton-Leonard CNC 1-1/2" Capacity Tube Bender for sale at liquidation price

1 USED -VB300 Eaton-Leonard CNC 3" Capacity Tube Bender system now offered for sale by Tech Machinery Sales.

Capable of bending tubes up to 60 mm( 3") diameter and more, the VB-300 HP sets new standards in part shape clearance and flexibility. This unique design uses a compact, low-interference bend head to produce intricate parts with ease. VB 300 HP incorporates a robust, compact bend arm and head assembly to accommodate such complex shapes seen in furniture components, automotive parts and aircraft tubes. Call Techmachinery for further machine details like a servo driven, heavy-duty carriage with patented quick-change collets that require no special tools or fasteners.

Eaton-Leonard used VB300 tube bending CNC system btn_zoom.gif (1330 bytes) Used VB300 Eaton-Leonard CNC 3" Capacity Tube Bender for sale in Metro Detroit by TechMachinery Sales
Used Eaton-Leonard VB-300 tube bender photos

Machine programming and monitoring are easily accomplished through the Premier Plus touch CNC screen interface. This operator friendly system incorporates a PC-based processor and commercially available I/O devices. Premier Plus incorporates a 15" high-resolution active matrix flat panel display and separate keyboard for easy programming. Interface to Eaton Leonard's Vector 1 tube data center is standard, providing closed-loop inspection, bender data correction and storage.

 Tech Machinery Sales also has the below used Eaton-Leonard VB-75 CNC controlled Tube Bender (new in 1986. ) for sale.

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Additional Eaton-Leonard and other brand CNC machinery, Brake shears and Hydraulic presses are available for purchase from Tech Machinery's Metro Detroit warehouse at liquidation prices..

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Other Used CNC Benders are available. Call Tech Machinery at (586) 773-8822 or e-mail us for pricing and complete details on these  plant production system bargains.

We have access to thousands of machines. Because of our computerized inventory and communication system, daily contact with manufacturing plants and process facilities, and Internet hook-up; we are better able to sell your surplus machinery and to locate machines that you need. We are always looking for quality surplus machinery equipment. Presses, grinders, thread rollers, plant production lines to name a few. Everything from a single machine to an entire plant are sought after by our used machinery clients..

3000 ton Clearing 1971 stamping press with slides and moving bolster for sale Rare 1971 Clearing 3000 ton spamping press in great condition for sale at liquidation price.

**For immediate sale- USED CLEARING HYDRAULIC 3000 TON PRESS

  • Year Mfg:  2/24/71  and   Model No. H-3000-216-172

  • Serial Number 11-5269 and max compression capacity is 3000 tons

  • 72 Inch Stroke on Slide and 30 Inch Stroke of Die Cushion

  • 24 Inch Shut Height

  • 72 Inch Maximum Stroke and 48 Inch Ejector Stroke

  • Capacity 800 Ton Cushion

  • Slide & Bolster - 216" L-R      172" F-B

  • 96 Inches Maximum Daylight     145-1/2" Between Uprights

  • 145" Between Guideways L-R    126" Between Guideways F-B

  • 121" Between Stops and the press has ID 717 Bessemer

  • Rare 1971 Clearing 3000 ton stamping press in great condition for sale at liquidation price. Call Tech Machinery for pricing and further Clearing press details.

20 Used Erie Stamping presses form 250 to 4000 tons being sold at bankrupt prices.
Liquidation Sale on this ERIE Hydraulic 250 to 4000 ton pressline

We now have in stock three rare 5000 ton Hydraulic 4-post presses available for immediate sale. Tech machinery also has 40+ ERIE, HOESCH, Williams and White 4 post hydraulic presses ranging from 400 tons to 2500 tons immediately available for 2 plant liquidation sales.

  1. 5000 Ton Bliss 4 -Post Hydraulic Press with rolling bolsters


  3. 5000 metric ton Dieffenbacker hydraulic press with rolling bolsters and leveling system

Call Tech Machinery at (586) 773-8822 or e-mail us for pricing and complete details on these plant production system bargains.

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New offering: USED 2000 Ton Williams & White Hydraulic Press with 72" Stroke - 100" Daylite - 120" x 96" Platen and all controllers and safety equipment... call for liquidation price on this and the Ficep Screw Press shown below.

Rare offering in a used screw press... 2500 Ton Ficep Screw Press with 400mm diameter Screw capacity. This one is outfitted with hydraulic upper and lower ejectors and has optional die heater unit. FICEP SPA designs, manufactures and sells worldwide CNC controlled machines & systems for the steel construction and forging industries.
Model 400


Screw diameter mm 400
Nominal force kN 16000
Max. allowed
force continuous
kN 32000
Net energy Nm 190000
Weight ton 120

For immediate sale this Clearing 3000 ton stamping press

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It's a Buyer's Marketplace in the used plant production equipment marketplace in the USA. Tech Machinery Sales is your advocate for getting the lowest price on excess machinery due to bankruptcy or distressed sales of viable production equipment. The Global economy is being fueled by putting this production machinery back into use in USA growth areas and worldwide industrial cities.


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