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Used plastic molding machinery and metal stamping presses.
Bliss and Erie used stamping presses for salespacer.gif (43 bytes) We specialize in sales of used hydraulic stamping presses
Used stamping presses to 4000 ton capacity

used machinery listing service and resale company has uncovered a complete stamping plant being liquidated prior to perminent plant closure. Erie and other major brand hydraulic presses from 250 ton to rare 4000 ton models all being sold at destressed prices. This site is dedicated to the buying and selling of working used plant production equipment like this great deal......

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1200 ton Erie Hydraulic Press
  • 144" Stroke
  • 144" Day Light Opening
  • Bed Platten 132"x118"

Individual presses being sold or make offer on entire press lines.

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4000 ton Erie 4 post Hydraulic Press for sale
  • Stroke = 90"
  • DLOpening = 155"
  • Bed Size 180" x 120"

Call for pricing and further details

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2350 ton Erie Hydraulic Metal Stamping Press


  • Stroke= 60"
  • DLO = 120"
  • Bed Size= 126"x96"

Taking bids or call for liquidation prices

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1000 ton Erie Hydraulic stamping press


  • Stroke= 66"
  • Day Dite = 74"
  • Platten Bed size = 87"x80"

designed for 2" deep pit. Call Techmachinery for price.

1000ton-erie1.jpg (95855 bytes) 1000ton-erie3.jpg (108058 bytes)
250 ton Erie Hydraulic press with controller and safety gear.
  • Stroke= 60"
  • DLO= 80"
  • Platen Bed size = 60"x48"

Multiple presses available in various tonage ranges.

250ton-erie1.jpg (115190 bytes) 250ton-erie2.jpg (113274 bytes)
Used 400 ton Erie Press specs:
  • 61" stroke
  • 72" DLO
  • Bed size 73x32"

Used 650 ton Erie Hydraulic Press ... specs:

  • 60" stroke
  • 72" DLO
  • Platen 80x64"
400ton-erie1.jpg (115660 bytes) 650ton-erie1.jpg (106448 bytes)

Call TechMachiney Sales for pricing on all these used Erie presses

1980 Dieffenbacker Type PHP 2000 ton Hydraulic Press for sale:
max compression force= 2000 tons with Platen clamping surface 100x60" with 56" lift and 76" daylight. options include Core Pullers and 3 Ejectors and can be shipped worldwide.

dieffenbacker-PHP2000.jpg (29042 bytes)

1980 Dieffenbacker Type PHP 4000 ton hydraulic press: Max compression 4000 tons with clamping surface 148x110 inches Press lift= 103" Daylight= 142". Min installation clearance height= 144". Press has Grenzback Extraction option, Table Ejector and Core Puller accessory..

dieffenbacker-PHP4000.jpg (22693 bytes)

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Think of us as an equipment listing and machinery brokerage service for both buyers and sellers of used plant production machinery.

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Used 7000 Metric ton Siempelkamp Allform Hydraulic Press for sale

Formerly at Tower Automotive's Hydroform facility in Milwaukee,Wi.
Siempelkamp Specifications:
39" Stroke and  78" Daylite
138.5" 78" Slide Area
175.5" x 84" Die Plate Area
min 500kN Return force
350 mm/s advance speed
40 mm/s preforming
350 mm/s return speed

Hydroforming via the Siempelkamp ALLFORM technology enables the economical production of complex and intricate workpiece shapes. This complexity relates to both longitudinal and cross sections. Typical examples include chassis parts, branching elements of tubes, and frame and exhaust parts.

 The ALLFORM method: The starting material is usually a hollow pre-form or a sheet blank, which is pressed into the shape of a forming tool with a high-pressure fluid. Compared to conventional methods, even hydro-mechanical and hydrostatic ones, the forming possibilities are significantly increased. 

The advantages of ALLFORM PRESSES

  • Weight and material savings of 40 to 50 %, in some cases even up to 75 %
  • Wall thickness distribution optimized to component requirements
  • High work hardening
  • Continuous material grain flow for optimum component performance
  • More precise dimensional accuracy
  • Flow-advantageous component contours and junction geometries
  • Elimination of webs for joining operations
  • Better usage of limited installation space

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Call Techmachinery Sales for Pricing and to arrange a inspection of this Siempelkamp hydraulic Press.
Call (586) 773-8822

It's a Buyer's Marketplace in the used plant production equipment marketplace in the USA. Tech Machinery Sales is your advocate for getting the lowest price on excess machinery due to bankrupcy or distressed sales of viable production equipment. The Global economy is being fueled by putting this production machinery back into use in USA growth areas and worldwide industrial cities.


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