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Used Hydraulic and mechanical stamping presses

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Used plastic molding machinery and metal stamping presses.
Bliss and Erie used stamping presses for salespacer.gif (43 bytes) We specialize in sales of used hydraulic stamping presses
Used stamping presses to 4000 ton capacity

used machinery listing service and resale company

Think of us as a machinery listing and brokerage service for sellers of used plant production machinery.  We pay top dollar for used industrial plant product equipment like Mechanical and Hydraulic stamping and forming presses, shears, feed lines etc. etc...  Call (586) 773-8822

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Want to sell us your used plant machinery?

Tech Machinery Sales Inc. has for over 20 years purchased all types of used industrial plant production equipment.  We specialize in purchasing high quality, late model industrialani_hydrapress.gif (13106 bytes) machinery designed for automotive industry production plants and the metal, or plastics fabrication shops. If your looking to sell used hydraulic or mechanical punch presses, CNC machining centers, robotic welding systems, milling machines, plastic compression molding systems, to complete plant production lines we are ready to serve you as a full service buyer... or sales agent.

 We also broker used plant equipment and offer a variety of services from specific machinery searches to physical inspections, electrical control updates and rigging. Our MBA members can also assist you with shipping worldwide. TM wants your surplus equipment.  We are always looking for surplus equipment to purchase. Click  here to E-Mail us descriptions of your surplus used plant production equipment you will to sell and our experienced buyers will contact you for details and arrange inspection and purchase price offer!  Call and talk to a Tech Machinery buyer... (586) 773-8822.

20 Used Erie Stamping presses form 250 to 4000 tons being sold at bankrupt prices.
Liquidation Sale on this ERIE Hydraulic 250 to 4000 ton pressline

Tech Machinery has over 75,000 square feet to serve our customers right in the heart of Metro Detroit's automotive industrial manufacturing center.  Our service, staff and quality products continues to keep our customers satisfied during the entire sales process.  Experience the difference with Tech Machinery today when making your next production plant equipment purchase!

Thinking About SELLING YOUR Used Industrial machinery? Get it listed here at Sample listing currently for sale is shown below!

We specialize in heavy duty hydraulic and mechanical metal stamping presses from top manufacturers like Erie -Siempelkamp -Bliss - Verson - Williams and White and KR Wilson Presses. Used industrial bending and shearing machines, Upenders, and forming presses compliment our sourcing service for stamping presses. Tech Machinery also offers complete hydraulic and mechanical press refurbishing, repair and relocation services for buyers of our used presses and plant production machinery.

** 4000 Ton Verson Hydraulic Press for immediate sale. This Model 4000-HD3-184 has 42" Stroke and 74" Daylight, which can be increased with risers. Bed size is 184" x 102". Tech Machinery Sales can arrange under-power inspection and quote shipping worldwide on this Verson stamping Press...
Used Verson 4000 ton hydraulic press Model 4000-HD3-184 for sale at

For immediate sale one 1600 Ton Schuller Hydraulic Press installed new in 1996 with 130x98" bed size and 43" stroke. This model HPD-S1600 Schuller Press is located in Mid-west USA location and can be shipped worldwide.

used 1600 Ton Schuller Hydraulic Press for sale. Click for large view Techmachinery Sales has this 1996 Schuller 1600 ton 4-Post Hydraulic Press for sale Spec sheet on this 1600ton Schuller Hydraulic press being sold by Tech Machinery Sales .. click for largeview
Click for larger view of this 1600 ton Schuller hydraulic press...
Call for further press details

We now have in stock three rare 5000 ton Hydraulic 4-post presses available for immediate sale. Tech machinery also has 40+ ERIE, HOESCH, Williams and White 4 post hydraulic presses ranging from 400 tons to 2500 tons immediately available from 2 plant liquidation sales. Also see the Clearing and Danly complete presslines and other misc plant production presses for sale below...

  1. 5000 Ton Bliss 4 -Post Hydraulic Press with rolling bolsters


  3. 5000 metric ton Dieffenbacker hydraulic press with rolling bolsters and leveling system

  4. 1600 TON, USI CLEARING PRESSLINE with (5) PRESSES, Robots and de-Stackers

  5. (1) 2500 Ton Used DANLY and (3) 1000 ton PRESSES IN COMPLETE WORKING PRESS LINE for sale

  6. 1000 Ton Williams & White Down Acting Hydraulic Housing Type Press


  8. 150 TON PHOENIX 4-POST HYDRAULIC COMPRESSION MOLDING PRESS for sale at liquidation price

Call Tech Machinery at (586) 773-8822 or e-mail us for pricing and complete details on these plant production system bargains.

750 ton Sheridan Gray Up-acting Hot molding press with thermal transfer oil circulation system for immediate sale used Sheridan Grey 750 ton molding press with upward acting bolster and cooling tower for sale
Sheridan Gray 750 ton Hot molding press with cooling tower for immediate sale

  • Sheridan Gray model LEHLC-750 new in 1987 with variable tonnage from 20 to 750

  • Ram Stroke 36" and Ram speed pressing = 0-15 IPM

  • Ram speed return from 0 to 20 IPM and Platen size 72" x 144"

  • Minimum die size 32" x 32" and equipped with thermal transfer - oil circulation system

  • Oil Temperature 600 degree F and has water circulation system with cooling tower..

  • 600 GPM @ 43.3 PSI with 20 HP drive motor.

  • Platen and Bolster level via linear control. Press has 2 fabricated steel platens, one attached to crown and other to the up-acting bolster.

  • each platen has 72 heater elements and labyrinth of passages for even heating and cooling during operation. Ceramic insulators and 4 heat shields with front capable of manual raising and lowering for die setting.

  • Call Tech Machinery Sales for price on this 750 ton Sheridan/Gray molding press system.


Must see compression molding hydraulic presses for sale at below links....

Used compression molding presses from a major auto parts plant in Shelbyville In.23 Hydraulic Compression Molding Presses from 500 ton to 2500 ton for sale at liquidation prices. (Shelbyville Indiana auto parts plant closing sale)

Erie,Hepburne and Williams and White compression molding presses being liquidated at low low prices. Grabil Indiana Compression Molding plant liquidation sale on ERIE, French Oil, Hepburne and Williams & White major brand presses ranging from 400 to 4450 ton capacities. We also have some HPM and Toyo Plastar brand injection molding presses for immediate sale in this Grabil In. Plant Liquidation sale.

3000 ton Clearing 1971 stamping press with slides and moving bolster for sale Rare 1971 Clearing 3000 ton spamping press in great condition for sale at liquidation price.

**For immediate sale- USED CLEARING HYDRAULIC 3000 TON PRESS

  • Year Mfg:  2/24/71  and   Model No. H-3000-216-172
  • Serial Number 11-5269 and max compression capacity is 3000 tons
  • 72 Inch Stroke on Slide and 30 Inch Stroke of Die Cushion
  • 24 Inch Shut Height
  • 72 Inch Maximum Stroke and 48 Inch Ejector Stroke
  • Capacity 800 Ton Cushion
  • Slide & Bolster - 216" L-R      172" F-B
  • 96 Inches Maximum Daylight     145-1/2" Between Uprights
  • 145" Between Guideways L-R    126" Between Guideways F-B
  • 121" Between Stops and the press has ID 717 Bessemer
  • Rare 1971 Clearing 3000 ton spamping press in great condition for sale at liquidation price. Call Tech Machinery for pricing and further Clearing press details.

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Tech Machinery's staff recommends to any of our visitors the following steps to help you successfully sell your used machinery, and related heavy equipment,  to a knowledgable buying public:

  • Understand the production capabilities and condition of the equipment your selling and make sure it meets the needs of your customer. Hidden expenses will come back to haunt you if you don't give full disclosure at time of sale.

  • buying and selling machinery worldwideMake sure you provide the buyer with verifiable maintenance records, equipment retrofit information, manuals and complete manufacturer specs.

  • Allow purchaser to verify the condition of the equipment through an on-site inspection or use a expert third party opinion or appraisal on the condition, value and all acquisition related to a total acquisition cost. Paramount act as a expert " buyer agent" for many prospective clients.

  • Go to where the buyers are. Reach beyond your immediate area and newspaper to all potential sources for those seeking your equipment by listing in trade journals or on the Internet at sites like

  • Research the competitive pricing and  provide full descriptions and photos whenever you post Ads for used machinery. Check the buyers credentials, history and references to make sure the sales gets completed. If it sounds too good to be true - it probably is!

  • Disclose the costs for relocation, retrofitting, and "buyers" auction fees". Consider using third party expertise and brokerage services when selling used plant or construction equipment. Post your equipment listings here where buyers trust the integrity of the sellers and seek total fulfillment services. All our brokers receive the RFQs generated through this site to reach a wider base of potential buyers!

Call us at the number below or fax us your used or excess production equiment list and approximate selling price. We can arrange inspection and give you a firm offer agreeable to both parties.

1. Used Williams & White 1500 Ton 4 POST HYDRAULIC PRESS

2. 800mm Schmidt & Heinzman used SMC Machine  -new in 1987

3. Finn & Fram 48" SMC machine with complete in-line mixer and other options.

4. Used- Erie 1500 and 600 ton Hydraulic compression molding presses

5. 1200 Ton Press - Battenfield Hydraulic Compression Molding 4 Post Press

6. Used 2500 ton HPM Hydraulic Press for sale at a wholesale price.

7. Bliss 5000 ton 4 Post Hydraulic metal stamping press at liquidation price.

 CNC controlled Brake and 10' x1/2" LVD Hydraulic Shear also available.

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TechMachinery Inc. offers fee based services ranging from expert appraisels, auctioneering and plant liquidation sales, retrofitting, transporting and onsite rigging through our industry alliance members. Machine Brokers Alliance (MBA) members will have access to a "business to business" private web site for streamlining transactions and communications between resellers- brokers- manufacturers- and industry specialists.

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It's a Buyer's Marketplace in the used plant production equipment marketplace in the USA. Tech Machinery Sales is your advocate for getting the lowest price on excess machinery due to bankrupcy or distressed sales of viable production equipment. The Global economy is being fueled by putting this production machinery back into use in USA growth areas and worldwide industrial cities.


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