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We purchase used pnat production equipment for resale to customers worldwide

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Used stamping presses to 4000 ton capacity

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Mechanical and Hydraulic Press Rebuilding and Relocating Services are offered to our clients buying used machinery from Tech Machinery Sales Inc.

Press rebuilding and upgrading services for all brands of stamping or molding presses

After you have found the used plant production equipment you need your faced with the task of moving it to your facility and making it into a  productive tool. Over the years Tech Machinery Sales has nurtured many relocation/shipping and experienced equipment rebuilding partnerships. Our buying services can include  sub-contracted plant engineering service techs capable of repairing, rebuilding and re-rigging used metal working or plastic molding press equipment. We also arrange quotes on worldwide shipping for buyers. These value-add services can be added to used equipment purchase quotes generated through Tech Machinery. See below for categories of add on fee based services performed by Tech Machinery.

 With over 25 years in the used production equipment brokering business we have reliable partners offering reasonably priced plant engineering and technical staff repair and calibration for all types of presses, regardless of age or original manufacture. We also supply repair part sourcing services for hard to find replacement parts.

Tech Machinery can quote you on complete rigging and press relocation services to anywhere in North America as a value add service to buyers. Hydraulic Presses and Equipment rebuilding Services offered by Tech Machinery partners include:

  1. Refurbish and retrofit all types of hydraulic and mechanical presses
  2. Complete rebuilds from hydraulics to electrical control updates
  3. Press Repair: Tech Machinery offers a full line of hydraulic press repair for both hydraulic and mechanical presses. From basic troubleshooting, painting, controller upgrades to calibration services and major overhaul repairs can be quickly quoted.
  4. Expert analysis of existing press condition and upgrade costs to achieve press production requirements
  5. Press Dismantling, re-rigging and shipping prep services with Trucking by bonded carrier to any USA destination or port city for overseas delivery via ship.
  6. Installation services including rigging, electrical and safety equipment.

 For 30 years Tech Machinery Sales has been a leader in the design and supply of used and rebuilt hydraulic presses for molding rubber silicone and composites to metal press stamping applications. Tech Machinery has supplied hundreds of quality rebuilt hydraulic and mechanical presses and machine upgrades for almost every production application. Regardless of the press size or brand, our hydraulic press rebuilding partner's offer the highest quality rebuilding for your refurbishing dollar. Let Tech Machinery quote you on rebuilding your press lines, single presses or offer you selections on used presses which can be rebuilt, re-rigged and shipped with complete installation services.

Tech Machinery Rebuilding and press reloaction services

Key FEE Services we can offer buyers through 3 party contractors:

bullet Complete Rebuild with New Hydraulics, PLC and Interfacing services of many used machinery listed here at
bullet  Let Tech Machinery partners develop a press control system that provides the very best in control of your hydraulic presses for your specific stamping or molding operation.
bullet Press Upgrades and Complete Rebuilds: Our engineering partners have over 25 years experience upgrading and rebuilding all types of hydraulic and mechanical presses.
bullet Installation, rigging of high tonnage mechanical and hydraulic presses
bullet We also can supply and the related loading and unloading equipment you need for a complete manufacturing unit.
bullet We supply a full line of used hydraulic equipment for use in your forming, molding or injection operation.
bullet Hydraulic Molding and metal stamping Press Relocation SERVICES
bullet A Complete Hydraulic and Electrical Press Control Packages for used presses to your specs and safety requirements
bullet Having a problem with downtime or looking to find a used press or to sell surplus production equipment? Call Tech Machinery Sales and use our used equipment expertise to the benefit of your company.

Used Presses - We are an industry leader in used press marketing. We work with top brokers and sometimes our existing clients to find you a press that meets your needs. We also offer a full line press evaluation and upgrade services to make sure the used press meets your needs.

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Tech machinery also has 40+ ERIE, HOESCH, Williams and White 4 post hydraulic presses ranging from 400 tons to 2500 tons immediately available from 2 plant liquidation sales. Also see the Clearing and Danly complete presslines and other misc plant production presses for sale below...

  1. 5000 Ton Bliss 4 -Post Hydraulic Press with rolling bolsters


  3. 5000 metric ton Dieffenbacker hydraulic press with rolling bolsters and leveling system

  4. 1600 TON, USI CLEARING PRESSLINE with (5) PRESSES, Robots and de-Stackers

  5. (1) 2500 Ton Used DANLY and (3) 1000 ton PRESSES IN COMPLETE WORKING PRESS LINE for sale

  6. 1000 Ton Williams & White Down Acting Hydraulic Housing Type Press


  8. 150 TON PHOENIX 4-POST HYDRAULIC COMPRESSION MOLDING PRESS for sale at liquidation price

Call Tech Machinery at (586) 773-8822 or e-mail us for pricing and complete details on these plant production system bargains.

For immediate sale one 1600 Ton Schuller Hydraulic Press installed new in 1996 with 130x98" bed size and 43" stroke. This model HPD-S1600 Schuller Press is located in Mid-west USA location and can be shipped worldwide.

used 1600 Ton Schuller Hydraulic Press for sale. Click for large view Techmachinery Sales has this 1996 Schuller 1600 ton 4-Post Hydraulic Press for sale Spec sheet on this 1600ton Schuller Hydraulic press being sold by Tech Machinery Sales .. click for largeview
Click for larger view of this 1600 ton Schuller hydraulic press...
Call for further press details

Want a new Press?? These are brand new custom built 660 ton presses and are priced FOB Ontario Canada. Contact Tech Machinery Sales for price quotes on standard or special configurations on these build to order straight side mechanical stamping presses.

Canadian built PTC straight side 660 ton presses for sale.


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