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 NEW in 2001- 1250 Ton KTM - NORAMEX rubber moulding press with Athena SRC and Yokagawa controllers

Photos of this KTM-Normex press are shown below.never used 60" Finn & Fram SMC sheet moulding machine -CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGES. This sheet molding system has never been used in a production capacity. Call for all the details and pricing on this rare find. We also have several other rubber and composite molding presses in various tonnages. also carries used SMC machines and a variety if mechanical and hydraulic presses for sale at liquidation prices.

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Specifications on this 1250 Ton KTM-Noramex rubber press in 2001 all systems in perfect working condition. This unit is immediately available and we can arrange shipping and rigging in the USA and worldwide.

  • 4x20" RAMS - 20" stroke

  • 66" x 66" Heated Platens

  • Complete with YOGOGAWA Controller and ATHENA SRC controls.

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. Please call (586) 733-8822 ask for Sales Dept or fill in information/quote request form below. Texhmachinery specializes in composite and rubber molding presses.

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SMC -The main process for molding SMC material is Compression molding. The film is stripped off and the material is cut into suitable pieces. These are collated into piles of material, which are called the charge. This is positioning in the mould tool. Heated moulds are used and a compression pressure is applied. The base resin being a thermosetting material cures and hardens. The part is ejected. Any flash is trimmed by the operator.

SMC process: Manufacture of SMC is a continuous in-line process. The material is sheathed both top and bottom with a plastic film. A Paste is prepared comprising resin, styrene, heat activating catalysts, inert fillers, release agents and thickeners The paste is spread uniformly onto the bottom film. Chopped glass fibres are randomly deposited onto the paste. The top film is introduced and the sandwich is rolled into a pre-determined thickness. The sheet is allowed to mature for 48 hours.


1. 800mm Schmidt & Heinzman used SMC Machine  -new in 1987


3. Finn & Fram 48" SMC machine with complete in-line mixer and other options.

4. Used- Erie 1500 and 600 ton Hydraulic compression molding presses

5. 1200 Ton Press - Battenfield Hydraulic Compression Molding 4 Post Press

TechMachinery has available for immediate delivery 2 used Verson Hydraulic Compression Molding presses. Working condition and deliverable worldwide.

1000 Ton Verson with full controls
Designed for composite Plastic molding applications
54" Stroke , 78" Day light, 70" x 70" bed size

700 Ton Verson Hydraulic press
40" Stroke , 72" Day light, 72" x 48" bed size
Call Tech Machinery at 586-773-8822 for full details, photos and pricing.

Tech Machinery is a Industrial Equipment broker

Tech Machinery Sales Inc. specialize in sales of used SMC or DMC composite plastic molding machinery designed for use in production plants. If your looking to save some money by purchasing used rubber moulding,composite plastics, thermoset bulk moulding and fiberglass laminating equipment. We sell and ship to industrial equipment buyers worldwide. We also purchase or broker used plant equipment and offer a variety of services from specific machinery searches to physical inspections and rigging with shipping worldwide. This section will showcase our used machinery listings for the Plastics and composite material moulding systems used to make a variety of industrial and durable home parts.

TM wants your surplus equipment.  We are always looking for surplus equipment to purchase. Click  here to E-Mail us your surplus equipment list or call and fax us as we are alway purchasing used industrial product plant equipment for resale to domestic and overseas clients. Below you'll find some newly purchased presses available for immediate delivery.


1.Specsheet on this 1000 ton ERIE hydraulic 4 post press here!

2. Used ERIE 4 POST HYDRAULIC 900 ton PRESS for sale.

3. Used ERIE 4 POST HYDRAULIC 176 ton PRESS for sale.

4. K.R. WILSON 1200 Ton 4 POST HYDRAULIC PRESS for sale

5. Used Williams & White 1500 Ton 4 POST HYDRAULIC PRESS

6. Used 850 ton Williams & White 4 post hydraulic press with options

7. Used 300 Ton Heidel Hydraulic Spotting Press

8. USED Lodge and Shipley Model 0806 Mechanical Power Squaring Shear

9. Eaton -Leonard VB-75 CNC controlled Tube Bender

10. Used 1965 Cincinnatti 22Ft Press Brake model#12

11. USED DELTA 40,000 lb x60" uncoiler and Coil Car for sale

12. Used TRUMPF CNC Punch Press Model -TC260A for sale.

13. Upender 60,000 lbs Bushman Pacman style

14. Bay Head Upender 40,000 lbs CAPACITY for sale

We also have a 900 Ton Hepburn Hydraulic Press and a 245 Ton French Oil Up-Acting Hydraulic Press for sale.

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Used Lodge & Shapely 6' x 1/2" Shear

Buy/Sell services performed by Tech Machinery Inc.

Tech Machinery focuses on buying and selling of used metalworking presses, shears, stamping plant and plastic molding machinery. It is our only business. We concentrate on, and dedicate our time and resources to satisfy our customer's industrial machinery needs. Most manufacturing companies have no quick method of disposing of their machinery. There is no need to assign this task to one of your employees who is already overloaded with work, and who may not have the information and contacts to receive the best price when selling used machinery. We are here to help manufacturing companies with the disposal of your surplus or obsolete equipment.

We have access to thousands of machines. Because of our computerized inventory and communication system, daily contact with manufacturing plants and process facilities, and Internet hook-up; we are better able to sell your surplus machinery and to locate machines that you need. We are always looking for quality surplus machinery equipment. Presses, grinders, thread rollers, plant production lines to name a few. Everything from a single machine to an entire plant are saught after by our used machinery clients..

Our business is focused both in the USA and from global contacts. Experienced in handling the transfer of machinery equipment from one country to another, as well as from one city or state, to another. We offer knowledge and experience and actively seek to satisfy the needs of customers, whether purchasing or selling used machinery.

Call Tech Machinery at (586) 773-8822 or e-mail us for pricing and complete details on these  plant production system bargains. Take a look at these and save your plant some real money as these will be re-sold at liquidation prices. Immediate availability!

Rubber Compound Molding Presses

Just on the market: 1250 Ton KTM-NORAMEX Rubber molding press... click here to see the full details on this production molding press

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Click on photos to see a larger view of these sample manufacturing machines. Our locator services include sourcing presses, plastic and PVC moulding machines, horizontal and verticle milling centers..... right into CNC machining equipment. We can arrange shipping and rigging worldwide.

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Buy your next milling machine,CNC drinding and boring center from Tech Machinery and save money Buy or sell your used plant manufacturing machinery at Tech Used Hydraulic punch presses and plant production equipment.

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