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 2000 Ton KAWASAKI FMDP 102000S Hydraulic Press for sale

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  • Specification
  • Item: Hydraulic press
  • Maker: KAWASAKI
  • Model: FMDP1-2000S
  • Year: 1999
  • 1.1 Main press
  • Capacity: 2000ton
  • Max stroke: 2000mm
  • Die-height: 3100mm
  • Table size (R.LxF.B): 5000x3000mm
  • Slide size (R.LxF.B): 5000x3000mm
  • Up-right size (R.L): 5500mm
  • No load descent speed: 250mm/s
  • Rise speed: 150mm/s (pressure 180kgf/㎠ less)

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  • 1.2 Slide leveling device
  • Type : KPLS-N3
  • Capacity: 100tfx4 sets
  • Max stroke: 99.99mm
  • Effective stroke: 90.00mm
  • Effective lift: 90.00mm
  • Descending ( 5 step speed conversion): 0.1~5mm/s
  • Mold release: 0.1~5mm/s( 200ton less)
  • Lifting: 0.1!5mm/s( 200ton less)
  • Secondary descent: 0.1~5mm/s 200tf( Max 400tf)
  • 1.3 Die cushion press
  • Output: 100~500tf
  • Pressure: 49~245 kgf/㎠
  • Max stroke: 350mm
  • Bed size (R.LxF.B): 4290x2040mm
  • Ejection output: 50tf/249kgf/㎠
  • Rise speed: 40mm/s(50tf)
  • Descent speed: 25mm/sec

We have 4 Kawaski Hydraulic Presses for sale at liquidation prices ready to ship for your price consideration.... Call (586) 773-8822 for Pricing  and further press details by asking for Sales Dept

Used 800 ton Kawasaki Hydraulic press for making FRP products (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
Make:Kawasaki (Japan) and New in year: 1988
Capacity: 800ton and Usages: FRP products
Model: FPC-800                      
Stroke: 3000mm
Die height: 4000mm
Bolster: 2800  x  2000mm
Slide max-down speed:212mm/s

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We have 4 Kawaski Hydraulic Presses for sale at liquidation prices ready to ship for your price consideration.... Call (586) 773-8822 for Pricing  and further press details by asking for Sales Dept


Used 2500ton Hydraulic press for FRP products (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)   Make:Kawasaki(Japan)
Manufactured new in year: 1998
Usages for pressing:FRP products Model: FMP2-2500
Capacity: 2500ton with Pre-pressing capacity: 502ton
Pressure adjustment range: 52~309kg/cm2
Upward capacity: 153ton and Mold release capacity: 300ton
Stroke: 2800mm and Die height: 3500mm
Bolster: 4,000 x 3,000mm
Slide max. down speed: 250mm/s
Pre-pressing speed: 45~10mm/s(in case of below 502ton)
Pressing speed: 10~0.5mm/s and Upward speed: 135mm/s
Mold release speed: 7~0.5mm/s and Mold combination speed: 10mm/s
Main hydraulic pump: 3units( 163L/min x 309kg/cm2  x 1750rpm)
Pressing maintain pump: 1unit(82L/min x 309kgcm2 x1750rpm)
Cooler circulation pump: 230L/min x 3500rpm
Main motor: 3units(75kW x440V) and Pressing maintain motor:55kW x440V


Phone or write the staff of TechMachinery LLC

Tech Machinery is a Industrial Equipment broker

Tech Machinery Sales Inc. specializes in high quality, late model industrial machinery designed for production plants. If your looking to save some money by purchasing used hydraulic or mechanical punch presses, CNC machining centers, milling machines, plastic moulding systems to complete metal production lines we are ready to serve you as a full service broker.   We also purchase or broker used plant equipment and offer a variety of services from specific machinery searches to physical inspections and rigging with shipping worldwide.

TM wants your surplus equipment.  We are always looking for surplus equipment to purchase. Click  here to E-Mail us your surplus equipment list or call and fax us as we are alway purchasing used industrial product plant equipment for resale to domestic and overseas clients. 

specifications for this press : Used 1500 ton Hydraulic press for FRP products (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
Make: Kawasaki (Japan) New in  year: 1989  Model #:    PBC-1500   
Capacity: 1500 ton  and Usages:pressing FRP products 
Pressure adjustment range: 30~211ton
Mold release capacity: 228ton                  
Stroke: 2500mm
Die height (Dalylight): 3000mm and Bolster: 3000 x 2500mm
Slide max. down speed: 200mm/s
Pre-pressure speed:1~31mm/s(below 250ton)
Pre-pressure speed:16.5mm/s(below 500ton)
Upward speed: 200mm/s and Mold release speed: 2~29mm/s
Main hydraulic pump: 1unit( 211kg/cm2 x 457L/min x  970rpm)
Pressing maintain pump: 1unit(82L/min x 309kgcm2 x1750rpm)
Main motor: 1unit(110kW x440V) and Motor for servo and pilot pump:11kW x440V

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Tech machinery also has 40+ ERIE, HOESCH, Williams and White 4 post hydraulic presses ranging from 400 tons to 2500 tons immediately available from 2 plant liquidation sales. Also see the Clearing and Danly complete presslines and other misc plant production presses for sale below...

  1. 5000 Ton Bliss 4 -Post Hydraulic Press with rolling bolsters


  3. 5000 metric ton Dieffenbacker hydraulic press with rolling bolsters and leveling system

  4. 1600 TON, USI CLEARING PRESSLINE with (5) PRESSES, Robots and de-Stackers

  5. (1) 2500 Ton Used DANLY and (3) 1000 ton PRESSES IN COMPLETE WORKING PRESS LINE for sale

  6. 1000 Ton Williams & White Down Acting Hydraulic Housing Type Press


  8. 150 TON PHOENIX 4-POST HYDRAULIC COMPRESSION MOLDING PRESS for sale at liquidation price

  9. Used Williams & White 1500 Ton 4 POST HYDRAULIC PRESS

  10. 1200 Ton Press - Battenfield Hydraulic Compression Molding 4 Post Press

  11. Finn & Fram 48" SMC machine with complete in-line mixer and other options.

Call Tech Machinery at (586) 773-8822 or e-mail us for pricing and complete details on these plant production system bargains.

Unique opportunity to own 5 complete working automotive industry stamping presslines at final liquidation prices. Everything must Go!
Major Detroit automobile manufacture to liquidate an entire production stamping plant.

A major automobile manufacturer has contracted with to liquidate all, or partial lots, of one of their local Detroit production plants. Power-on inspections now taking place for 10 major presslines of varying capacities, and all miscellaneous metal stamping equipment in this plant. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy well maintained working metal stamping presses for pennies on a dollar invested by a big 3 auto manufacturer. Clearing, Bliss, Version, Danly stamping presses from 2000Ton to 400 ton capacities, with all OSHA inspected safety gear, controllers, conveyers and roll feeder equipment included. Click here to see all this automotive plant liquidation listings, photos and spec sheets.

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